Film & Video Works


Detention, 2017, 39 sec, animation, Canada (NFB), Writer/Co-Director with David Seitz

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Mavericks, Season 2, Episode: DrEsther Tailfeathers: Blood Reserve, 2015, 11 min, documentary, Canada, Writer/Director

  • To purchase copies for educational use, please contact Salazar Film.

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Bihttoš, 2014, 14 min, documentary, Canada/Norway, Writer/Director/Co-Producer

  • To purchase Bihttoš for educational use, please contact Moving Images. To purchase copies of the Embargo Project (Bihttoš is one of five shorts in this collection) for educational use, please contact VTape.

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Hurry Up, You Stupid Cripple, 2013, 10 min, documentary, Canada, Producer, Co-Director with Terreane Derrick

"Hurry Up, You Stupid Cripple" Still

 Colonial Gaze Sámi Artists’ Collective, 2012, 15 min, mockumentary, Norway, Co-Writer/Co-Director with Márja Bål Nango and Mátti Aikio, Produced by KOLT Márkomeannu

"Colonial Gaze: Sámi Artists Collective" Still

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A Red Girl’s Reasoning, 2012, 10 min, drama, Canada, Writer/Director, Produced by the Crazy8s Film Society

  • To purchase copies for educational use, please contact Paul Armstrong at the Crazy8s Film Society.
  • A Red Girl’s Reasoning is also available for streaming from Cinema Politica.
"A Red Girl's Reasoning" Still

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Bloodland, 2011, 4 min, experimental, Canada, Writer/Director/Producer


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Versaearcolonion, 2016, performance and video work (VIVO), Canada, Co-Writer/ Co-Director with Chandra Melting Tallow


GichiKiiwenging, 2016, 53 sec, micro-documentary (Hot Docs), Canada, Writer/Director

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How Far Will You go to Vote?, 2015, 1 min, Comedy/PSA (Council of Canadians), Co-Director/Co-Producer

The Right Thing to Do, 2014, 1 min 16 sec, video remix, Canada


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State of the Nations (250 Years: Honour Your Words), 2013, 6 min, documentary/ archival remix, Canada, Producer/Director

"State of the Nations"

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 Music Videos

Under Your Always Light, 2017, 5 min, music video, Writer/Director/DOP/Editor (Song by Leanne Simpson, Jonas Bonetta, James Bunton)

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Dancing, 2017, 5 min, music video, Writer/Director/Editor (Song by Stefana Fratila)


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