#GichiKiiwenging #OnlyAtHotDocs

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After being awarded the Cross Currents Fund Fellowship from Hot Docs and the R & M Lang Foundation, I was invited to contribute to #OnlyAtHotDocs, a fun side project for Hot Docs 2016. A handful of directors were given an iPhone and a few days to create a micro doc that would screen in the pre-show reel at Hot Docs 2016. The #OnlyAtHotDocs pieces spoke specifically to the Hot Docs experience. I decided to create a territorial acknowledgement for the place now known as Toronto.

#GichiKiiwenging is a tribute to the Anishinaabe, the original people of this land now known as Toronto, and their neighbours the Haudenosaunee and Wendat. This micro doc incorporates vertical panels—a nod to movie curtains—illustrating images of ongoing Anishinaabe connections to the land intersecting with horizontal panels depicting imagery of movement and travel—a nod to the Haudenosaunee Two Row Wampum. The spotlight will be on Anishinaabemowin language and the spirit of the people on whose land Hot Docs takes place.

The billboard pictured in the video is a part of the Ogimaa Mikana Project, which has been replacing Toronto street signs and historical plaques with Anishinaabe versions.

Major thanks to all those that helped create this piece!